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Magic Reborn: The Peacesmith Series Book 1

On the run and disguised as a boy, Fenix Graystone finds sanctuary when a witch opens her home, arms her with charmed knives, and transforms her into a fearsome fighter. But when an enigmatic vampire overlord arrives seeking help to solve the murders of three young women, Fenix’s newfound peace shatters.

The kidnapping of a fourth girl stirs up strange emotions in Fenix, bringing her illegal magical powers to the surface. But the magic within her points Fenix to suspects too close to the vampire overlord for comfort.

Now she must ally with an enemy she didn’t even know she had if she hopes to rescue the girl and bring the killers to justice—before she becomes their next victim.

If you like fast-paced action, strong female leads, and a dreamy love interest, you'll want to get lost in these pages.


Magic Bound: The Peacesmith Series Book 2

When Fenix is flooded by psychic visions of a baby being kidnapped and prepared as a sacrifice, she goes on a desperate hunt to find him.

The search takes her through a portal into the dangerous world of the Fae. Fearsome new and old enemies lurk around every corner, intent on stopping her.

With the time left to save the child running out, will Fenix succeed when her newfound magical powers are seemingly stifled by the strange Faeland?

If you like fast-paced action, a strong female lead, and a dreamy love interest, you will love this second installment of The Peacesmith Series.


Magic Aflame: The Peacesmith Series Book 3

The third book in a gripping, action-packed fantasy series readers are describing as "enchanting" and "a breath of fresh air".

When Fenix's fellow gang member Twain sneaks away and gets trapped in a dilapidated building, she races off to rescue him.

But she's not the only one seeking her fallen colleague.

Enemies stewing with grudges against Alda and the gang are out to exploit Twain's misfortune.

On a collision course with powerful forces hell-bent on revenge, Fenix has to draw on both her emerging magical powers and her fighting skills if she's to stop their deadly schemes. But the price she has to pay is high and she finds she must decide how far she'll risk her own life to save a friend.

Magic Aflame is a gripping page-turner with a twist that will take your breath away. Featuring fast-paced action, a strong female lead, and a dreamy love interest, it's sure to please fans of Patricia Briggs, Ilona Andrews, and Jim Butcher.

About the author

Carly Hansen is convinced that when she was born the doctor used a novel to whack her on the bum to make her take her first breath. She’s been lost in the world of fiction ever since she can remember, either devouring books by her favourite authors or scribbling the wild imaginings that pop into her head.

She cherishes spending time with her family and is proud to be owned by a very possessive cat and an overly-protective dog (though Carly suspects the real reason the pooch chases away all those other dogs in the park is so as to not have to share the treats in her pocket). When not writing, she’s likely to be found in skis or skates in the winter, or in her swimsuit throughout the rest of the year.

Carly feels humbled and grateful that she gets to share her writings with the world and positively loves to be in touch with readers.


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